BRAVIA Double Rewards Campaign – Touch N Go Redemption

Receive Touch ‘n Go eWallet from us when you purchase and register your product with My Sony!
Refer to the table below to see the model lists that are entitled for the redemption.

Purchase Period: 10 June 2024 – 31 July 2024
Registration Period: 10 June 2024 – 14 August 2024

How to make your redemption?

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Model Name TNG e-Wallet Amount (RM)
XR-65A95L MY1 RM 1,000
XR-77A80L MY1 RM 900
XR-65A80L MY1 RM 600
XR-55A80L MY1 RM 600
XR-85X95L MY1 RM 1,200
XR-85X90L MY1 RM 350
XR-75X90L MY1 RM 350
XR-65X90L MY1 RM 200
XR-55X90L MY1 RM 200
KD-65X85L MY1 RM 100
KD-55X85L MY1 RM 100
KD-85X80L MY1 RM 300
KD-75X77L MY1 RM 100

Sound Bars

Model Name TNG e-Wallet Amount (RM)
HT-G700 RM 50
HT-S2000 RM 50
HT-A3000 RM 100
HT-A5000 RM 100
HT-A7000 RM 100
HT-A9 RM 100

Purchase both TV and soundbar listed above in the same receipt to double your TNG amount!

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